The solution

We provide an all-in-one solution designed for all (regardless of age or income), that enables the holistic care, management and prevention of chronic diseases. Our easy-to-use Application is designed to mimic a virtual primary healthcare centre, which empowers you to effectively manage/monitor your condition and those of your loved ones.

How do we help you?

We understand that chronic illnesses need to be managed for a long time or a life time and that they can be a burden to your physical health, mental health, finances, productivity and quality of life. So, we offer you the needed support through these features in just on App.

Book medical consultations

with board-certified medical professionals and access continuous, follow-up care and in-person visits.

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Join support groups

of over 10 disease categories in a secured, anonymous environment. Share knowledge and experiences.

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Access essential health supplies

with professional usage support e.g. nutritional products, supplements, monitoring devices, medications, etc

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Manage your health records

in a simple, secure and sharable space to help you monitor vital body signs, test results, appointments ,etc. 

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Access humanitarian opportunities

like fundraisers, community outreaches,  advocacy campaigns,  etc and become an active chronic disease advocate. 

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Protect your finances

through our “Save in Wallet” feature that allows you save installmentally towards your health needs. 

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Why us?

Secure & private environment

24/7 customer support

Flexible and affordable payment plans

Strong support community

Strong focus on chronic disease

Our App solution serves you if you are

Living with a chronic illness

A caregiver to someone e.g. relatives

At risk of developing a chronic illness

A medical professional e.g. Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Counsellor, etc.

A chronic disease advocate

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About us

We are a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to reduce the burden and death rates due to chronic diseases in low-middle-income regions through support, collaboration, innovation and advocacy.

When it comes to chronic disease prevention and care, we basically play the role of companion.


Chronic diseases include long-term or life-long conditions such as cancers, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, stroke, hypertension, sickle cell, asthma, arthritis and tons of many other. They have eaten deep into our world and have become a burden to individuals and the health care system. They worsen poverty and lead many into disability, mental trauma and loss of lives.

By 2030, non-communicable disease is projected to cause deaths which will exceed that from communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional diseases combined.

In underdeveloped/developing regions, a glaring 28 million additional people are at risk of losing their lives (27% rise)!

We provide help through four approaches





Other services

Health campaigns and community engagement




Health Journalism

Our impact

Since inception in 2020, we have impacted over 2000 persons via online and onsite projects across 3 states in Nigeria.

The team

Eseosa Favour Iyagbaye


Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa

Director of Operations

Etinosa Blessing Otabor

Director of Projects/Program

Esther Okonmah

Marketing Officer

+ over 20 multidisciplinary team member

Previous Partners

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